The Process with Maria T Astrology
The Process with Maria T Astrology

The Process

1. Prior to the consultation

Need your Date of Birth, Place and Time don’t worry if you don’t have an accurate Birth Time, I will create Your Birth Chart using different techniques.

After you book a consultation I will send you some key questions.

I draw several different charts and study each Planet’s position, strength and aspects.

I look at Planet cycles and study key events in Your past, present and future to prepare for consultation.

2. During consultation

Go through how to read the Birth Chart symbols, meanings of signs, houses, aspects and Planetary Rulers.

Explain the Astrology/Interpretations of your Birth Chart and answer any questions.

You will receive a printed copy of Birth Chart, some consultations include extra printed information like timelines and different types of charts.

How is an Astrology Consultation different from a Tarot or Psychic reading?

Ancient Astrology is a complex field which requires years of study. There are many schools of Astrology eg Modern, Hellenistic, Medieval, Esoteric and Vedic.

Astrology is a vast field of study with thousands of years of research and information handed down in books which scholars have translated from Greek, Latin and Sanskrit.

I chose to study for 5 years to gain accredited qualifications similar to a University Diploma. I studied specific Ancient techniques and principles to interpret charts and had to sit exams to qualify. I specialise in Classical Medieval  Astrology and use specific Vedic techniques to intepret charts and make predictions. (My qualifications are listed below)

Most Tarot readers and Psychics are self-taught, operate independently and offer readings that are done “in the moment”. They require little or no preparation, each reading conveys a different separate message and often there’s no relationship between readings.

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" Rumi

About my love of Astrology

My earliest interest and memory of reading and studying Astrology was in high school. I went to the library and borrowed every book I could find on Astrology. I bugged people to study their Sun signs and I loved the Greek and Roman Myths as depicted in great artworks.

My first Astrology reading was with Gillian Helfgott at my Saturn return, she filled me with confidence and inspiration about my life purpose. I continued to study Astrology and started to have annual readings as a birthday present with different Astrologers, they’ve helped me to navigate some of my life’s tsunamis.

In 2010, I started to formally study Classical Traditional Astrology and after 5 years gained internationally recognized qualifications. I am obsessed with Astrology so will probably never stop studying.

In 2017, I was inspired by Ernst Wilhelm a Vedic Astrologer, primarily his controversial use of Tropical Charts. I‘ve started to combine Vedic Astrology principles with Classical Medieval Astrology, particularly using Ernst’s teachings on the Karmic Nodes and Relationship Compatibility.

I’ve been doing Astrology Consultations for 8 years and finally made this step, plunging into the “Big Pond”.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my knowledge!!


Diploma of Astrology from Astrological Guild of Educators,
Astro Mundi
, Adelaide Australia
Thanks to my teachers Mari Garcia and Joy Usher

Horary Practitioner Certificate from School of Traditional Astrology
Debra Houlding, London UK
Thanks to my teacher Eve Dembowski

Let the stars guide you


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