Year Ahead


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This consultation will help you to plan the next 12 months. The “Astrological weather map” for the year ahead? Thinking of starting a new business, moving house, new job, enrolling to study at University?

Imagine your life is a garden, we can plan the best time to sow, grow and harvest in the garden of your life. We can choose the best times to “plant” or start a new venture, or to “harvest” and reap your rewards. Like a weather prediction, you can also prepare and plan for the storms, droughts or hurricanes of life.

You’ll receive a calendar of key dates and time periods throughout the next 12 months so you can plan in advance and highlight the best times to work on different aspects of your life.

I use Classical Ancient Astrological timing techniques such as Transits, Progressions, Profected Lords, Solar Returns, Solar Arcs Firdaria. These Ancient Astrology techniques can identify the Major themes in your life.