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Your Relating Style

One of the most important key areas of everyone’s lives is our ability to relate.

We will look at the way you instinctively relate to people, your relating style, your masculine and feminine qualities.

Are you more likely to take the initiative or be more receptive? How do you meet people and form relationships? How do you cope with disagreement or conflict?

Romantic Relationships

Looking for Love?

Where and when are you likely to meet someone? Who are you attracted to? What qualities are you looking for? Just met someone? Timing a favourable period to meet someone.

Other Relationships

Family member, friend, business partner or work colleague.

You may wish to look at an important person in your life, try to get some clarity on a difficult situation and improve the way you relate. This consultation can offer a different perspective to the situation that you may not have considered.

By looking at what happened through the lens of Astrology and your Birth Chart, we can try to make sense of what happened. The focus on ways to be at peace and move forward.

Find opportunities in a crisis

Opportunities in a crisis? It’s really difficult to consider that there may be positives during a crisis, especially when something happens and change is forced upon you. This period can become a turning point in your life, an opportunity to choose the changes you want to make.

The painful loss of an important relationship can be a great opportunity to be creative and try to experiment with new ways of relating, find new ways of meeting your emotional needs.