One Question? Horary


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Sometimes you have ONE burning Question or issue you’re thinking about, having trouble making a decision?

Horary is an ancient technique practiced since the Middle Ages, I cast a chart to answer your question.

It’s very important to be clear about the question particularly the issues involved. It’s very important to word the question carefully, as not all questions can be answered using this technique.

Some examples of Horary Questions:

  • Relationship: Is there a future in this relationship?
  • Career: Will I get the job?
  • Business: Is this a good idea/move for my business? Should I move to new premises for my business?
  • Finding lost items or stolen items: Where are the car/work keys? Where is my precious jewellery?
  • Items to buy/sell: Should I sell my car?
  • Real Estate: Should I sell/buy this house? Should we rent this property?