Corona Virus IMO

CORONA Virus IMO summary
+++ Positives… Yay there’s hope of breakthroughs in diagnosing treating and managing this Pandemic! But there’s more possible morphing/understanding of the Virus
– – – – Negs I’m worried about what’s happening in Africa India & lands of dark skinned people this is not a racist opinion but Saturn signifies dark races and we’re NOT getting any info about Virus in these countries under-reporting under-resourced Watching Saturn indicator for getting news from these countries…WHO is helping these countries??/
ASTROlogy Key Planetary movements Dates to watch???
Saturn 23March moves to Aquarius
Mars 1April moves into Aquarius conjunct joins Saturn
April 20 Mars moves out of the square… so some revelation/advice maybe a new way, a new approach to supporting&diagnosing people.
The Astro Path Mars is cutting in the sky…
Following Mars’s path think the worst won’t be known till after Saturn moves into Aquarius March23 then Mars 1April moves into Aquarius Both will square Uranus in 5deg Taurus.
My BET is for April20th☆☆☆ when Mars travels to 14deg Aquarius square 6deg Uranus Taurus. Saturn will still be “applying” pressure to Uranus.
Mars is in an Air sign- “planet of fighting battles” is in innovative intellectual humanity focused sign of Aquarius.. there might be a possible breakthrough or discovery, more info to understand/fight the Virus.
The Square to Uranus while it’s in an Earth sign, so this planet of breakthroughs in an Earth sign could indicate new creative, tangible, practical means to combat, diagnose and treat this Virus. Maybe we’ll get some NEWS about WHAT is happening… what the Virus is doing in Countries like Africa, India & South East Asia.