What are You going to manifest? More aligned with your personal truth a more authentic YOU! Exciting Year Ahead 2020! Read the Sign for Your Ascendant, Moon and Sun check the area of life where you will feel the impact of this Eclipse and make a New Start.

Earth Signs

Capricorn Eclipse is in 1st House Wow this is the house of You, your appearance and New Beginnings – You will feel this Eclipse the strongest so you will destroy anything false or lies in any area of your life and discover truths about yourself. Every area of your life and being could be transformed! Get a new look, change the way you dress, colour/cut your hair differently. Dissolve old problems change direction in life start a whole new way of living!

Taurus Eclipse is in 9th House of belief systems, religion, Tertiary Education/intellectual pursuit, guru/teacher –  you may discover something that destroys your old belief system, you may find new meaning in life, maybe you’ve deceived yourself then have a powerful insight for a new future, change a long held family belief, change your course of study, discover information that causes you to question or change your guru/teacher

Virgo Eclipse is in 5th House of romance, children talents/gifts, creativity – You may discover what you need/want in a romantic partner, re-new efforts to nurture your talents& gifts, realise a truth about your children then start a new way of relating, may discover new ways to create/be creative.

Air Signs

Gemini Eclipse is in 8th House of Crisis, death, trauma, deep subconscious, fears, ancestral inheritance, shared resources with partner, you may discover a truth about a traumatic experience and find a new way to heal deep subconscious fears, grieve a death, you may discover a truth/lie about your partner which may lead to separation or a deeper commitment, you may need to find a new way to manage shared finances/resources

Libra Eclipse is in 4th House of: your home/land property you own or live in, family, mother, buried emotions – You may decide to move house, you may discover some truth that will destroy what you believed about a past situation that will impact on your family, new beginnings Big change for family, a truth that will deeply change how you feel and what you need emotionally to feel safe/loved, take care with health of parents and especially mother

Aquarius Eclipse is in 12th House of subconscious/dreams sleep, mental health/addictions, hospitalisation/institutions/ashram, money spent on investments, self-sabotage/undoing – You may have a deep psychological breakthrough that will be liberating, you may finally break an addiction, get to the root of a psychological problem and finally heal, a truth will be revealed that is a blessing an insight into your psychology so you can stop sabotaging yourself, find a new way to better mental health

Water Signs

Cancer Eclipse is in the 7th House of partnerships, One on One Relationships, contracts – you may discover a truth about the way You relate, you may find that your attitude towards a close relationship shifts and ends, you may have to negotiate a new agreement/contract, you may discover a new way to relate to a partner romantic or business, you may meet a person and start a new relationship romantic or close friendship

Scorpio Eclipse is in 3rd House of : information, all forms of communication, correspondence/letters/documents, research/study, siblings/relatives – You may discover a truth/bit of information that will destroy lies/gossip, discover a secret/find a new piece of information a document or text message or email that will change the way you communicate, you may start a new way of relating/communicating with a sibling, you may change the way communicate by talking directly and generally have a lower tolerance for BS

Pisces Eclipse is in 11th House of social groups, friends, networking groups/associations, dreams hopes and wishes – you may discover a new group that you would like to join, you may find a new way to achieve your dreams hopes and wishes, careful the crisis may be a destruction of old friendships or associations.

Fire Signs

Aries Eclipse is  in 10th House of career, status, image, goals, father – you may find a solution to a career problem, resolve a crisis with an authority figure, becoming a better leader/boss, you may discover a truth about your father

Leo Eclipse is in 6th House of daily work, health, addictions, daily routines, debts/obligations – You may destroy bad habits or addictions, start new health routine, discover a new way to care for your health issues, you might discover lies or illusions about a limiting situation at work or daily habits discovering the truth will help you make a change, you may discover a truth about your debts/obligations and find new ways to repay your debts.

Sagittarius Eclipse is in 2nd House of resources, self-worth, self-esteem, material reality, possessions – You may discover a truth that will destroy old beliefs about yourself and make a new start by believing in yourself/valuing yourself and raise your self-esteem, you may start new ways of managing your finances, get real about money, find new ways to create material stability maybe quit your job find a new job