New Moon is in the Lunar Mansion Nakshatra Moola/Mula ruled by Nirrti Goddess of death, destruction and dissolution. Mula symbolises getting to the “Root of things”, digging up secrets then destroying the lies untruths. Here is an opportunity to destroy lies you’ve been told, dissolve your illusions go beyond what you’ve believed to be true.

The Sun & Moon are with Jupiter and Ketu the South Node
Jupiter shines the Light of Wisdom, Intuition & Inspiration this may come to you in the form of a friend/stranger, Angel, or when you’re reading an article, you will gain a deeper meaning to a situation or belief you hold.

Jupiter’s gift is an outpouring of Wisdom & Knowledge that will help you to destroy any illusions and come to a deep realization. Destroy the false and find the truth
Jupiter also brings Virtue Blessings for a New Start. It might be a destructive event but there will be an opportunity for healing.

Ketu the South Node is associated with end of life events, also symbolises something old from the past, a deeply buried hidden experience, a secret which you “ROOT OUT”.

Something has to die so you can plant the seeds of something New based on truth.

Uranus adds speed to this realisation the “Aha Moment!” Gifts you the power to make a change. Uranus is a liberating force, freedom from the past to be a more authentic YOU!

This New Moon is in the Earth sign of Capricorn so you will want to manifest something concrete with tangible outcomes.

Exciting Year Ahead 2020! What are You going to manifest?

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