Powerful New Moon Eclipse on Boxing Day 26 Dec in Bunbury at 10.30am at 4° Capricorn.
If you are have Ascendant Moon or Sun in Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra BOOM!!!

Strap yourself in for a Rollercoaster Ride this Month… actually most of 2020!!! Why? All the Action is happening in Capricorn and it will be pretty impossible for you to avoid feeling the CRUNCH! Taurus and Virgo Earth signs you won’t be able to ignore this either!

Actually for month of January 5 or 6 Planets will be calling Capricorn HOME.so Good Luck to anyone who thinks they will avoid this! Imagine 5 or 6 people squeezed into a mini for a long road trip! Fun times ahead in 2020! The 2 Eclipses in Capricorn will be a “heads up” for what’s in store for 2020!

Everyone will have at least one area of their life that will be impacted by this Eclipse and the continuing Planetary Crunch. The energy builds and then with the Eclipses there’s a crisis, an “Aha!” then as the Planets separate the story unfolds

This New Moon marks a New Beginning with Sun, Moon, Jupiter and South Node together. What does this mean?
An external event/crisis will help you to change an old belief or situation. An outer event will cause you to change internally.

You will have an opportunity to press the “Re-set” button in an important area of your life. A subconscious hidden issue from the past (South Node) will be destroyed (Eclipse) you will gain wisdom and be inspired (Jupiter)to start “A new”(New Moon).
It might be something you’ve always known but now you will have the capacity to integrate it and make it part of your life.

Eclipse understanding a “Big Aha!” moment opportunity to change your approach, attitude or belief. Be patient the changes you make may take 6months to unfold.

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