As the closest Planet to Earth, the Moon receives the energies from all the Planets and transfers them to us on Earth. She connects us to the Planets, the Stars… the Universe. How often do you look up at the Moon? Her light is gentle we can look directly at her without being blinded, we can “bathe” in Moonlight. Moon rituals connect us with nature cycles. In our busy lives walking outside and looking up at the night sky and seeing the Moon just reminds us of the wonders of the Universe.

You can learn to receive the light and energy that she shines on you. Go outside at night especially during a Full Moon, think about your inner world, your feelings, listen to what’s happening inside and learn to tune in. A Full Moon is a culmination, the energies are at a peak of intensity a good time to notice what you feel : calm or restless, relaxed or stressed, grateful or fearful, peaceful or loving.

The simplest ritual just take time to reflect on your life, look inward, shine a light and see what you find.

Tonight and tomorrow the Full Moon is in Taurus an Earth sign ruled by Venus, while the Sun is opposite in Scorpio a Water sign ruled by Mars.. The Moon is exalted in Taurus so she is very powerful, if you’re a Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn or have planets in these signs you’ll be most sensitive to her energy. Taurus Earth energy is sensual and focused on caring and nurturing the body.

This Full Moon is also transferring energy from Pluto and Saturn, with a dose of Mars so things are not so pampering and relaxed and harmonious… Beware of being blocked, stopped or pushed by some powerful passive aggressive characters, but you still have to “Play Nice”

Think back to May something you started… it’s now reached “fullness”. Resist the temptation to bring things to a head/fight/explode. Wait until 21st November when Mars the warrior, will be able to help. By the end of November when Mercury is direct you’ll have more clarity but choose your words carefully, find creative ways to communicate.

The ancients describe how energy travels from the outer Planets to the Moon, then she transfers the energy to us where it manifests in our life. Rituals are a way to align ourselves with those Planetary energies, setting intentions and noticing what manifests in our life.

Astrology is a timing tool used for 1000’s of years to try and harness the power of cycles. We can draw charts to pick the best times to do things, like gardening use the phases of the Moon to start/plant or end/pick the fruits of our lives.

What Planet energies is this Full Moon bringing to YOUR Birth Chart?