Like a dance in relationships one person leads and one follows, one person is the masculine and the other the feminine.The dance falls apart when both are wanting to lead or waiting to follow. Timing is key to a smooth dance and a wonderful relationship, being well matched helps for the success of a great relationship or the dance can quickly turn into a tussle.

We are all unique and a mix of feminine and masculine elements. Find out where the Planets are in particular Signs in your Birth Chart these are the clues to understand the way you relate. The sign of your Moon will be a very important indicator for how you feel loved, your instincts and how you demostrate your love.

The 12 Zodiac Signs are devided into 6 masculine Signs-giving elements and 6 feminine Signs-receiving elements. Find the sign of your Moon in your Birth Chart and this will be a big indicator for how you instinctively relate. Understand your Ascendant and you’ll find out why you might have strong attractions to certain Sun Signs. Look to your Venus and Mars and see if you’re more of a Peacock-using attractive magnetism to find a mate or Caveman-macho fighter competing to capture your mate.

If you adopt a style of relating that isn’t authentic to who you are eventually you will “revert to form” and as your partner gets to know the Real You they may get a Big Surprise!

Knowing your Birth Chart will help you understand what drives you in relationships. Astrology can help you identify and understand how YOU relate. Why are you always irresistably attracted to a “type”? Do your relationships follow a pattern?

We are all such a complex mix and blend of often opposite traits and being in relationship helps us to find a balance or the missing element. How do you connect and bond? Being in relationship with the right people can be the fastest easiest way to help us feel complete, motivated or at peace with ourselves.

Make your relationships a wonderful dance!

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