Have you been interested in reading your online Sun sign horoscopes? Been following Astrology Memes? Would like a bit of a “heads up” on what to expect in the coming week, month or year?

Prediction is “a statement about what you think will happen in the future, a forecast”  Astrology predictions are like a weather forecast. Think about HOW you use a weather forecast, you plan what you wear each day and consider if you’ll be outdoors or indoors. If it’s sunny and hot you wear lighter clothing, if you’re going to be outdoors you use sun block and if it’s your day off maybe have a picnic or to go for a swim down the beach. Likewise if there’s a storm predicted you’ll have to adjust your plans, you’ll need to  wear weatherproof clothing or change a picnic to an indoor gathering.

Whilst we have FREE Will there are always limitations. You have the free will to choose what to do, the level of “freedom of choices” depends on the context. If you have to go to work you haven’t got the freedom to go to the beach, if you have to work outside and bad weather is predicted you’ll need warm waterproof clothing. You’re FREE to choose to skip going to work or to go running naked in a storm!

As an Ancient and Medieval Astrologer there’s less New Age WOO WOO and the approach is very practical, dealing with the concrete realities of life. I use different predictive techniques and calculations that are related to your Birth Chart to make “Astrological Weather Forecasts” unique to YOU. What’s the Astrology weather forecast for YOU? Would you like a calendar of dates that relate directly to your Birth Chart so you can refer to it like a weather forecast? Track key dates for Planets as they move around YOUR Birth Chart. Find out more in the Year Ahead Consultation.