Are you a fire sign Aries, Leo or Sagittarius? Feeling this energy yet?

The Sun, Mars and Venus have all moved into the sign of Leo and soon Mercury and the Moon. Jupiter is in Sagittarius shining benefic rays towards Leo and lighting the Fire!  Astrologers are riding this wave, using this Planetary energy in as many ways as possible. We’re trying to “capture” this powerhouse of strength and good luck, use this month to reboot our lives. Lucky Birthday Leos, the year ahead will have this energy in their Solar Return Charts!

Why all the excitement??? The qualities of the Planetary energies are: SPEED of change like a booster rocket from the trine aspect between Planets, EXPANSION & ADVENTURE with Jupiter in Sagittarius, CREATIVE FIRE lighting up your life with Sun in Leo. Why NOW? Jupiter is in Rulership in Sagittarius and this will last till December and we won’t have this opportunity again for another 12years!… and the Sun in Leo is in Rulership only till August 21st. Small window of opportunity.

So much of Astrology is about timing events past, present and future. Are you riding this wave? If you want to know how to harness this power do you know your Birth Chart? Where’s Leo and Sagittarius in your chart? Need to light a rocket in your life?!! Better to ride the rocket than have it Explode! BOOM!

Schedule a consultation and find out HOW to use this energy get a Big rocket Boost!