There are thousands if not millions of articles and information on Astrology available on the internet. You can spend hours learning about Astrology reading information available online, an introduction to the vast world of Astrology. There are websites that offer free interpretations of your Birth Chart. It’s like finding a menu of  mysterious dishes you’ve never seen or tasted before  The free interpretations are generic and computer generated, describing people “like you”…  but not YOU!

Looking up your Birth Chart is like reading a recipe, you can only imagine tasting the flavours You might be able recognise some ingredients but it’s nothing like actually eating, tasting and smelling the real dish. Eventually you’ll be curious or frustrated want to know more about the “unique dish that is YOU!” You’ll want the real thing!

As an Astrologer I’m like a Michelin Star Chef discovering that unique dish that is YOU. Interpreting Your Astrology Chart is like preparing and cooking a very special unique dish. The different ingredients in Astrology are the Sun, Moon, Signs etc. By carefully studying the information in your Birth Chart I prepare and put all the information together like a Chef.

Astrology is an Art, sharing insights during a Consultation is always a Magical experience. Start with “a taste of YOU” in a Mini Birth Chart Consultation.