“K…K…Karma is coming a knocking”… New identity? New start? New love? Job/Career/Business? Baby? Whoo-Ha! BIG year ahead for Birthdays in July!

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on July 3 is at 10°42’ Cancer with Rahu at 3:22am not visible in Bunbury, Western Australia.

Natal Astrology looks at Planets moving around Your Birth Chart, You’re at the centre of Your Birth Chart, at the centre of the Universe! Each Planet brings experiences and events that move you forward, pushing you to grow like the spiral layers on a shell. North Node Rahu pulls you towards the future. Predictive Astrology is all about cycles, using past experiences to predict future events. Eclipses symbolise something hidden suddenly revealed, unexpected change, a shift to keep you moving forward.

Eclipses occur at the same degree every 19 years, where does 10° Cancer fall in your Birth Chart? In which area of your life will the Eclipse deliver a surprise? Think back to July 2000, what dramatically changed in your life? Look to those areas of your life now. Eclipses bring BIG life events you discover/learn something new or make significant changes in your life. You won’t be able to turn back or “not know” the thing you learn at this time. If this Eclipse “touches” any of your Planets you will feel it strongly, something fated is revealed. If your Sun sign is Cancer, Capricorn, Libra or Aries you will feel the ripples from this Eclipse.

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