The Moon will appear full for about two days and if there’s a clear night you will also be able to spot Saturn and Jupiter. My favourite website to help me find Planets and Stars in the sky great for us here in the Southern Hemisphere.

All full moons occur when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other, the Sun is at 25’ 54” Gemini and the Moon is at 25’5” Sagittarius. Full Moons are times when “something comes to light”, you can think about things that you may have started at the New Moon on 3rd June, how have those seeds have germinated and emerged? As the Full Moon lights up the night, so too a bright light will shine on things in our lives that may have been hidden, often it’s an inner truth that emerges.

An opposition between Planets can indicate conflict but it’s also an opportunity to create balance. The opposing signs are Gemini and Sagittarius can be a balance between ideas and beliefs. Gemini is Mercury ruled and the sign of facts, details, information gathering and sharing, learning new skills and Sagittarius is the sign of higher learning, beliefs, philosophy, intuition, adventure travel and ruled by Jupiter.

During this Full Moon you may have some “aha moments” where the information you’ve been gathering or studying will support what you believe. I look to Jupiter as Dispositor for this lunar phase, he is retrograde at the moment it’s a time for reviewing and reflecting. A great time to philosophise (Jupiter) and journal (Mercury) about ideas. What do you believe in? What or who do you put your faith in? What have you been hoping for? Beliefs, faith and hope key Jupiter words and what will come to light? What is the big picture of your life? Where have you been looking for meaning? Have you discovered your life purpose? You may get some clarity with this Full Moon.

Neptune is making a hard square aspect to Jupiter so some “high ideals” regarding our mentors, teachers or Gurus may be challenged. Mercury is with Mars and North Node opposing Saturn with Pluto and South Node, the information (Mercury) may be unpleasant/nasty (Mars in Fall) and undermining a respected powerful (Pluto) authority figure (Saturn in rulership). When you add the Karmic Nodes to the mix, this is a whack from Destiny to make you pay attention. Neptune sextiles and trines these planets creating a smoke and mirrors effect, clouding and fogging the issue so finding clarity will be difficult. At its worst there’s a strong likelihood of a hidden trickster liar character in the background creating problems stirring conflict, at best these energies will find an artistic Neptune outlet. The great Benefic Jupiter is in rulership and will help to “keep the faith” and stay optimistic.

The Full Moon is within a degree of our Galactic Centre at 27’ of Sagittarius, and conjunct Jupiter, I can’t help thinking there will be something significant BIG occurring, a small (Mercury) idea or bit of information which will have a big impact (Jupiter)!!! I’m also keeping an eye on the keg of dynamite that unaspected Uranus in Taurus… an explosion just waiting to happen… wait till Mercury enters into Leo and squares Uranus then BOOM!